B’nai B’rith Focus

Das englische Original dieses Artikels wurde in der Zeitung „B’nai Brith Focus. Officical Publication of B’nai B’rith District 21 of Australia and New Zealand“ im November 1995 auf Seite 1 veröffentlicht. Eine ehemalige Laaerin, die seit ihrer Flucht 1938 in Australien lebte, hat dies veranlasst.

Austrian History Lesson

With thanks to Sis. Herta T. for passing on the information, from Austria comes a unique story. Sixteen-year-old Magdalena Müllner, who lives in the Austrian town of Laa (35 miles from Vienna) was channel surfing about three years ago when she came across a short TV program called „The Synagogues in Lower Austria“. Ms. Müllner was startled to become aware that a Jewish community had once existed in her home town. Further enquiry revealed that at least 50 % of the population of Laa (a town of nearly 4,500 people) didn’t know that a Jewish community had ever existed.

Now a 19-year-old student at the Vienna University Law School, Ms. Müllner has for the last three years pursued research into Jewish life in Laa before the Holocaust and managed to trace fourteen families, now living all over the world, who had previously lived in Laa. She now maintains contact with her „friends“ and is quoted as saying of her efforts „I didn’t want those people to die a second death by being forgotten.“ Ms. Müllner has now spoken about her research at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and has been to Israel.